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The Surfers Shit (I Surfisti Di Merda) is an Italian Brand Clothes with line of humorous and nice clothing, dedicated to those who love freedom, the sea, the surf, the skate without taking it self too seriously.

ISDM is more than just an italian, clothing brand, it is a life concept.

If you like the sea, the sun, the sky, the adventure, the friendship, sex, love and if you enjoy life without taking it too seriously...

ISDM is what you're looking for!

ISDM wants you to embrace the simplest thing of life!

Shit happens, change your point of view! What matters is what happens right now, don't wait any longer and pursue your dreams!

ISDM will help you realize your craziest thoughts and make you a winner! Even if you fail, there are no losers and ISDM will support you no matter what happens!

Let's learn and grow together and transform ISDM into the first brand that will help you reaching your dreams!

Tell us your story!

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I Surfisti Di Merda (ISDM)